Seminars and Presentations

Your opportunity to learn from the experts!

Free seminars are always an important part of the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show, and they will be happening throughout the weekend.  

This is your opportunity to learn from the experts on a wide variety of subjects! 

Check the schedule below for seminar times.

Field Judging Trophy Bears

Presented by Lowell Gilliland


Specialty Outdoor Equipment

This is the ultimate bear hunting primer, for any hunter, from novice to advanced!

  • Field judge bears for size and hide quality
  • Identify boars vs sows
  • Develop YOUR OWN bear hunting thdory
  • Novice AND seasoned bear hunters are sure to learn valuable information and field applicable skills from this seminar!

Friday – 5:00

Saturday – 1:00

Fishing Rod Recommendations For Salmon, Trout and Char In South Central Alaska

Presented by Ben Allen

Miller’s Riverboat Service

An in-depth presentation on fishing rod recommendations for the different sports fisheries in south-central Alaska. The presentation will cover fly, spin and bait cast rods. Learn about rod actions, line ratings, lure ratings and much more!

Friday – 5:00

Saturday – 10:00

Saturday –  4:00

Off-Grid Cabin Solar Systems

Presented by BJ Compton

Alaska Solar Supply

This seminar discusses the design and the components of an off-grid cabin or home solar system.

Saturday – 3:00

Grid Tie Solar Systems

Presented by BJ Compton

Alaska Solar Supply

In this seminar, you will learn about the design and the components of a utility grid tie home or business solar system.

Sunday – 2:00

Proposing a Fishing Regulation and Getting It Adopted

Presented by Andy Couch

Fishtale River Guides

Do you have an idea that may benefit Mat-Su fishing opportunities? Alaska has a process for individuals to propose a fishing regulation change and have it adopted into regulation. Proposing a regulation provides individuals an opportunity to participate more fully in the Alaska Board of Fisheries process, however Mat-Su residents and visitors may also participate in supporting proposals others have written. Learn more about writing proposals and the regulatory process from successful fishing regulation proposer, Andy Couch!

Saturday – 4:00

Clobber Salmon with Bobbers and Bait

Presented by Andy Couch

Fishtale River Guides

Pautzke Bait Company and Everlasting Slip Bobber (ESB) pro staffer Andy Couch shares bait and bobber fishing secrets and tips he has learned from 40 years of guiding Mat – Su Valley salmon fishing trips. Learn how to present bait under bobbers in ways that get more bites, learn to hook a higher percentage of bites, and learn about tackle and gear that enhances bait/bobber fishing enjoyment and success. Andy will provide both boat and bank fishing techniques. Preview seminar information to learn more at:

Saturday – 3:00

Sunday – 3:00

Halibut Fishing 111

Presented by Ernie Kirby

Bottom Line Charters

Halibut 111 is an updated presentation that covers where to fish, tides, gear, tackle, bait and methods to successfully catch halibut. Presented by Captain Ernie Kirby, owner of Bottom Line Charters in Ninilchik, who will share his 29 years of saltwater guiding off the Kenai Peninsula. Geared for the novice to the weekend fisherman.

Friday – 4:00

Saturday – 2:00

Sunday – 2:00

Staying Alive: First Aid and Emergency Skills for Alaska’s Backcountry

Presented by Jessica van Wulven PA-C


An approach to some basic medical skills that could mean the difference between life and death in Alaska’s remote wilderness. We will discuss splinting, bleeding injuries, temperature injuries, and even fish hook removals! Jessica is a physician assistant with 9 years experience in urgent care medicine. 

Friday – 3:00

Saturday – 1:00

Sunday – 1:00

Hug A Tree Video

Presented by

Alaska Solstice Search Dogs

The Hug A Tree Video for kids aged 6-12 teaches how not to get lost and what to do if you do get lost.

Saturday – 12:00

Sunday – 12:00

Everything Solar

Presented by Fred Groendyke

Renewable Energy Systems

General Solar information powering anything from greenhouses, RV’s, off grid, to grid tied systems.

Sunday – 12:00