This is YOUR show, of course, and we work for you. Our job is to make it all happen, and we go the extra mile encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to visit the show. With increased advertising, an active social media campaign, and lots of great food trucks, you can expect to have literally thousands of potential customers walking past your booth. The 2022 show saw nearly 10,000 visitors, and we expect even more in 2023! In our competitive world, this is simply the best bang-for-the-buck targeted exposure that you can get. NOW is the time to register for your space at the show.

Consider the benefits of being a vendor at the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show. Folks come to the show because they want to find out how to get the most out of their Alaska outdoor experience. They want to know how your product or service can help them fulfil their Alaska dreams. These visitors are real people. They are not on the other side of a phone, a computer monitor, a mailbox, or the radio — they are right there in front of you. Thousands of them. Face-to-face and in person. They’re ready to learn and buy, and you have what they need!


The Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show is a rite of spring in the Mat-Su Valley.  As Alaska’s first outdoor sports show of the year, this event provides an opportunity for the public to visit with great vendors and explore products, services and information guaranteed to help them get the most out of their Alaska outdoor experience. If your business caters to outdoor enthusiasts, this is the perfect opportunity for you to interact with thousands of potential customers.

The Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show will be held the weekend of March 24th, 25th & 26th, 2023 (Friday-Sunday) at the Menard Sports and Recreation Center in Wasilla, Alaska. There are two large indoor vendor display arenas: the hockey rink (concrete floor, free of ice), and the soccer field (AstroTurf flooring).  Outdoor areas are also available for vendors and food trucks. Display space in the Menard mezzanines may be available as well. Refer to the vendor map links on this page for booth layouts. 

Regular 10’ x 10’  indoor vendor spaces are $595.  Outdoor food truck spaces are $350.


Outdoor vendor display areas are $1.75 per square foot.  Please contact us with your display requirements to discuss.

We were very reluctant to raise vendor fees for the 2023 Outdoorsman Show, and this decision was not made lightly. Unfortunately, there are several factors that have necessitated this increase. First of all, the City of Wasilla has increased the fees and expenses for us to be able to rent the Menard Center for the nearly five full days it takes to prepare for, and to produce, the show. We are also facing additional operating expense increases for general liability insurance, workers compensation, booth and electrical setup, and the advertising necessary to draw 10,000+ visitors.


With growth comes growing pains, and the show growth in 2022 attracted the attention of the Matanuska Susitna Borough Fire Marshall. This additional scrutiny resulted in mandates that we are obligated to comply with to ensure that this is a safe event for everyone.  Specifically, we have had to eliminate a total of 18 vendor booths from the vendor floor arenas, to allow for better traffic flow. Additionally, we are required to hire and train several additional employees as “crowd managers” to monitor and control inside activities as well as outdoor parking and safety issues.


Safety, of course, is of the utmost importance for vendors, visitors, MATSU Events, the Menard Center, and the City of Wasilla. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to pass on these additional costs. If you choose to join us at the 2023 show, please rest assured that we are doing everything possible to make this event even better, more productive, and safer for everyone!

Food Vendor Mix

We may restrict the number of vendors selling the same type of food if it is deemed that a vendor’s primary product would unfairly dilute the sales of other registered vendors with the same product specialty.


Food Vendor Location

Food vendors will be located in and around the parking area in front of the main entrance to the Menard Center.  Electrical hookups are not available, but generators may be used. Because the Menard Center contracts with an indoor food concessionaire, we are unable to provide indoor spaces for food vendors.


Insurance and Permits

As a food vendor, you are required to provide a certificate of insurance with MATSU Events LLC additionally insured as certificate holder. You are also required to have an appropriate DEC permit as well as State, Borough, and City licensing.

Booth selection is available on a first come/first serve basis. The registration form and vendor map links are posted on this page. Vendor maps are updated as booths are rented.  Booth locations and floor layouts are subject to change.

You are responsible for your own booth furnishings, signs, etc. If you prefer to rent items such as tables and chairs, contact Special Events Alaska, our show decorators. Your booth space is 10′ wide by 10′ deep, with poles and drapes separating you from adjacent booths. (8’ high back drape and 3’ side drapes). Electricity is included as a part of your booth fee.  Metal hooks are provided if you need to hang anything from the poles. 

Some small businesses may wish to share their space with another small business.  All space sharing must be approved by management.

Everyone is working under a tight budget right now, and we understand that.  If you are paying by credit card, you may reserve a booth with as little as a $50.00 deposit and a valid credit card.  The remaining balance will be automatically charged to your card 30 days prior to the festival.  Booth payment is required in full if you register less than 30 days prior to the event.

Plans sometimes change.  You may cancel anytime up to two weeks prior to the start of the show, and your booth fee will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee.  Any cancellations after March 10, 2023 are non-refundable.

We live in interesting times, and we certainly hope that we are not hit with a surprise closing as happened to the Mat-Su Outdoorsman show and so many other large events in 2020.  If the show is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, all rental fees and deposits will be promptly returned.

Regular adult show admission is $10 per person. Military discount is $5, and children under 12 are free.


Visitor admission is FREE  on Sunday from 10:00am - Noon

Yes. All vendors are required to be in compliance with state and local business regulations.  Food vendors must have valid food handler’s permit and DEC permit if applicable.

As an Alaskan business, you should already have your State of Alaska business license.  You will also need to be in compliance with Matanuska-Susitna Borough licensing (information is at

The Menard Center is within the Wasilla City boundaries, and you are required to have a Wasilla business license if you are selling products or services.  Wasilla offers a Special Event Business License for a minimal charge.  Business license and sales tax details are online at

Small businesses should carry business liability insurance.  We request that vendors provide a certificate of insurance with MATSU Events LLC additionally insured as certificate holder.  As stated in the terms of the space rental agreement, neither MATSU Events LLC, the Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show, the Sponsors, the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center, nor any member of the above, shall be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor, an Exhibitor’s employee, or the property thereof, from any cause whatsoever.

We will have security staff available during all show hours.  The Menard Center will be closed and locked at night.  Because there are a number of outdoor vendors, we will have security staff patrolling outside the Menard Center Friday night and Saturday night. That being said, MATSU Events is not liable for your property or inventory, and we recommend that you take appropriate precautions to secure your property and provide your own business insurance.

As a vendor, you must maintain a safe environment in and around your booth. Per the Borough Fire Marshall, you are required to have a current fire extinguisher at your booth with a rating of 2A:10B:C or larger. This requirement applies to all vendors, regardless of the contents of your booth. Additionally, there can be no overhead covering above your booth, i.e., the roof of a popup canopy, that would obstruct the building’s overhead fire suppression sprinklers. Keep in mind that no display materials or signage may obstruct or block exit isles, exit doors, or exit signage.

Of course! You are welcomed and encouraged to have drawings or give away items at the show.  Raffles (where you sell tickets for a chance to win) fall under State gaming regulations and are allowed, providing you have the appropriate Alaska State gaming permit.

As promoters, our job is to bring in the largest crowd possible to safely visit your booth to buy your products or services.  We will be running targeted social media promotions throughout Southcentral Alaska in the months and weeks leading up to the festival.  During the month prior to the festival, we will be bombarding the local radio airways with advertising.  We will also be placing posters in windows and on bulletin boards all over Mat-Su and Anchorage. 

Almost everyone these days is on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Many small businesses rely on social media as an economical way of interacting with their customers. The Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show has thousands of social media followers, and we use these platforms to help promote the show. If we know that your business is on Facebook, we will post blurbs about your business on the Outdoorsman Show pages. During the month prior to the show, a portion of our advertising budget then goes to “boosting” these posts out to a broad audience of thousands of potential show visitors. These boosted posts help promote the show generally, and they help promote your business specifically. The show’s popularity experiences exponential organic growth when you mention it in your own social media posts. As a group effort, all vendors can help by sharing, posting, and tagging the Outdoorsman Show through your personal accounts and business pages.

Corporate sponsorships are win/win. Your financial support helps us defray show promotion expenses, and we are able to help you by including your logo in our marketing materials and radio advertising, by linking to your websites, and by running partner promotions on social media. Contact us for details if you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with this event!

We will keep this page updated as the details come together.  In the meantime, if you have more questions, please feel free to contact MATSU Events anytime at 907-947-9900 or via email at!

There are currently no vendor booths available in either the ice rink or the turf field, and we are no longer accepting additional food vendors. 

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to be added to the waitlist for any booths that may become available.

Limited outside vendor display space is available at $1.75 per square foot.

Register now to be a vendor at the 2023 Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show! 

A minimum deposit of $50 per 10’x10′ booth paid by credit or debit card reserves your space. The remaining balance will be automatically charged to you card on March 1st, 2023.

Booth spaces are available first come/first serve. Please indicate your space preference(s) on the registration form).

Download and return via email, fax, or US Mail to register for the show. 

To fill out this form on your computer, we recommend saving it to your computer FIRST, then fill out and save that copy. (If you just fill it out online, your data may not be saved).

If you wish to rent additional furnishings for your booth such as tables, chairs, or other items, you can use this form to order directly from our decorators, Special Events Alaska.