Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show

Vendor Setup Information

For All Vendors

The Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show is an opportunity for you to meet and greet the public, to gain new customers, and to sell your products or services.  We expect this to be a safe and enjoyable event for all involved.  If you notice anything at the show that needs attention, please let our staff know.

As you are aware, we are not mandating masks or face coverings for vendors or for the visiting public.  We are expecting everyone to act respectfully and to exercise personal responsibly.  In the event you are experiencing virus symptoms at the time of the show, please let us know, and do not attend the event.  We will gladly refund the vendor booth fee of anyone unable to addend due to covid.  Face masks will be available free of charge for anyone wanting one at the main door ticket counter and in the Vendor Break Room.  Small pump bottles of hand sanitizer will be available for all vendors wishing to have one at their booth.

All vendors and your show staff are invited to attend the Vendor Dinner after the show closes on Saturday evening.  You should be receiving an email with details.

During show hours, please park your personal vehicles away from Raven Hall to allow more visitor parking near the event.

Raven Hall Vendors

We expect the booth installation in Raven Hall to be complete by 2:00 on Thursday afternoon (April 8th), and vendors may begin booth setup anytime after then up until 8:00 PM.  Building access will be available again at 8:00 Friday Morning.  Plan on having your booth ready to go prior to the doors being open to the public at noon on Friday.

There will be vendor booths blocking the overhead doors.  Please let us know if you will need to use the overheads to bring in larger items, and we will make early arrangements for you to bring them in before those doors are blocked.  Otherwise, there are regular size entry doors on all sides of the building.

Our office will be located in the Vendor Break Room at the rear of Raven Hall.  Please check in with staff when you arrive to let us know you are there and to pick up your vendor badges.

Speaking of the Vendor Break Room, please consider that as your quiet sanctuary if you find that you need to take a break!  There will be complimentary coffee, tea, soda, pastries, peace and quiet, and it will be staffed during all hours of the show.

Some booth assignments may have changed since you registered, so be sure to check the vendor map to confirm your correct booth location.  Keep in mind that the booths are unfurnished.  If you need to hang signs or banners in your booth, DO NOT pin anything to the booth drapes –hooks will be provided to secure your items to the booth poles.  Most vendors provide their own tables, chairs, table drapes, etc., but these items are also available for rent from our decorators, Special Events Alaska.  If you see that you need additional items, they must be ordered no later than April 5th!  Please use the following form to order these items directly from Special Events Alaska:

The show will end Sunday evening at 5:00.  Do not vacate your booth prior to that time.  Please let us know if your will not be able to clear out your items by 9:00 Sunday evening.

Outside Vendors

There are two main outside display areas, one directly east of Raven Hall, and one southwest of Raven near the Hoskins Building.  Refer to the overhead map to locate your space.  We plan to have the corners of your display area clearly marked before you arrive.  Staff will also be available if there are questions.  Our office is located in the vendor break room at the rear of Raven Hall.  Please check in when you arrive to let us know you are there and to pick up your vendor badges.

On the east side of Raven Hall, Alaska Frontier Fabrication, Camper Valley RV, and AK Mining & Diving will be first in and last out, and they should plan to begin staging by 9:00 on Thursday.  If you are one of the other vendors in that area, please wait until after noon on Thursday so you are not blocking vehicle movement of the vendors closer to Raven.   Vendors near the Hoskins Building may begin setup anytime after 10:00 AM on Thursday.

If you are using a tent or pop-up canopy for your outside display, understand that wind, rain, and/or snow are all possible.  Because Palmer can have high wind, we highly recommend weighting down the corners of you tent or canopy with sandbags or cinderblocks.  We have no idea what outside temperatures will be that weekend, but feel free to bring propane heaters to help keep you and your visitors comfortable.

Outside gates will be opened at 8AM on Friday if you need to continue your setup.  The show opens to the public at noon on Friday.  Please plan to have your display area set up and ready to go by no later than 11:30  Friday morning.  The show closes at 5:00 on Sunday.  Do not vacate your space prior to that time.  Please let us know if you are unable to remove all of your items before 9PM Sunday evening.

The Fairgrounds will be locked each evening.  We are not responsible for loss or damage, and we recommend properly securing your items prior to leaving each evening.  Raven Hall and the Hoskins buildings will both be locked at night, and you may store small items, inventory, etc. inside overnight if you wish –just contact our staff to coordinate.

Food Trucks

We have limited outside food to no more than 20 food truck vendors at this event.  

The food truck area is centered around the circle in front (north) of Raven Hall, and trucks can extend outward away from the circle on any of the five trails.  Electric hookups are available throughout that area, so come prepared with extension cords if you need power.

We have not assigned truck locations, and we are expecting food vendors to self-regulate when getting into position.  Please be considerate of other vendors and stick to the following guidelines.

  1. Food truck setup will begin at 8:00 Friday morning. Do not show up early.  Our office is in the vendor break room at the rear of Raven Hall.  Check in when you arrive to let us know you are there and to pick up your vendor badges.
  2. Between the circle and the five trails, there should be plenty of room for everyone. Be considerate of space between you and adjacent trucks.
  3. If any of you are using tents or canopies rather than hard-sided trucks or trailers, be aware that wind, rain, and snow are always possible. We recommend weighting down the corners of your canopies with sandbags or cinderblocks in case of wind.
  4. Do not park your rig in a manner that blocks pedestrian access or customer areas around the circle or on the trails. Contact our staff if there is a question.
  5. Do not park on, or block, the path between the circle and the Raven Hall main entrance.
  6. We are not enforcing a general mask mandate at this event, however the State Fair has requested that food handlers wear face coverings.
  7. The State Fair is requesting that you offer individually packaged rather than shared condiments. They also recommend having someone other than the food prep person handling cash.
  8. The show opens to the public at noon on Friday, so plan on being in position and ready to go before noon. Visitors may begin showing up prior to noon in anticipation of food, so be prepared.
  9. The show opens to the public at 10:00 on both Saturday and Sunday.  Plan on being mobilized and ready to go each day before then.
  10. The show closes at 6:00 on Friday and Saturday, and at 5:00 on Sunday. Do not drive in or out of the food area during show hours.
  11. Food trucks are an important part of this event, and many visitors are coming explicitly for the food. Have fun and sell lots of good eats!

Raven Hall Vendors


Afishunt ChartersE12   
AK Peak ApparelG9 G10  
Alaska ClubA9   
Alaska Division of ForestryG2   
Alaska Dog WorksJ4   
Alaska EcowaterA5   
Alaska Flour CompanyH8   
Alaska Gulf Coast ExpeditionsC7   
Alaska Helicopter ToursH11   
Alaska High School RodeoF5   
Alaska Metal ArtsJ3   
Alaska Mining & DivingA10 A11 S4 
Alaska Outdoor Access AllianceH4   
Alaska Outdoor CouncilH9   
Alaska Outdoor SheltersG12   
Alaska Ruff LLCD12   
Alaska Solar SupplyB8 B9  
Alaska SpiritwearD1 D2  
Alaska State TroopersE11   
Alaska UnlimitedC6   
Alaska Waterfowl AssociationK4 K5  
Alaskan Gun GuardD6   
Anchorage PDH3   
Anderson Products Co.C11 C12  
Arctic ChagaB6 B7  
Arctic Wax ArtD9-10 E8-9 B10 
Bashor BlastD3   
Bear Paw River GuidesG3   
Bottom Line ChartersK6   
Captain Steve’s Fishing LodgeH7   
Cheeky PorcupineH2   
Chena Hot SpringsE10   
Cutco CutleryF11   
Damsel in DefenseH5a   
Denali Tactical KnivesE1   
Deshka Landing Charters & LodgeC10   
Eagle River Knife CompanyJ6   
Elevated OatsG4   
Fish Central/907 SeafoodF10   
Fishing Bug ChartersB5   
Fox SauceJ1   
Ghost Town LeatherG11   
Global MedevacC4   
Hawaiian MoonD5   
Houston H.S. Football Booster ClubC5   
Hungry Bear JelliesA6   
Jazzy Gourmet PopcornA7   
Jewels 4 DivaB4   
Jingle JelliesF7   
Kenai Penn. Tourism Marketing CouncilC2   
Kenai River CowboysG7   
Kenai River Drifters LodgeG6   
Keto GoodeesE3   
Leupold OpticsD4   
Mosquito AuthorityG5   
Ninilchik ChartersC1   
Nomad ShelterF9   
Northern Comfort ShoesH1   
Ohana MediaSponsor H3a  
Patriot BBQB3   
Peninsula SportfishingJ2   
People’s Paper/95.5 FMSponsor H10a  
Pieces of LenaJ5   
Porta-Bote InternationalE6 E5  
Premier MortgageE7   
Protect Your PetF8   
Randolph TaxidermyF1 F12  
Renewable Energy SystemsA3 A4  
Renewal by AndersenA12   
Rod N Real Charters A2   
Safari Club Intl-Alaska ChapterF2 F3 F4 
Screaming Eagle ArcheryB2   
Sea TowH10   
Seward Fishing ClubC3   
Seward KOAH5   
Silverbear SundriesK3   
Snowhook Adventure GuidesG1   
Steampunk BlingF6   
Sub Zero Freeze DryingH6   
Tier 1 Veterinary Medical CenterD11   
Valdez Convention & Visitors BureauE2   
Walker Mowers of AlaskaK1 K2  
Wanderlust CraftsB11   
Wasatch Outdoor SportsG8   
We Are Dip AlaskaE4   
Whalebone WatercolorsC8 C9  
Whiskey Point Cabins & RV ParkA1   
Wild Coast AlaskaD8   
Wild SmokeD7   
Xplore AlaskaH8a   

Outside Vendors


Alaska Diesel ElectricW12   
Alaska Frontier FabricationS1   
Alaska Wild Sheep FoundationW9   
Bay Weld BoatsS6   
Camper Valley RVS2   
Frontier RV SalesS7   
Gold Star Alaska / ACI BoatsS8   
Kenai River Sportfishing AssociationW3 W4  
My Favorite RealtyW6   
Northern Lotus DesignsW2   
Peninsula Axe ThrowingW1   
Robbie CarverW8   
Susitna Energy SystemsW10-12 
The Fallen OutdoorsW5   
Vibrance Metal ArtW7   
Whaly Boats of Alaska/Safe DocksS5   

Food Vendors

AK Stuff Banana
Alaskan Events & Catering
Alaskas Original Shake Up
Alaska’s Yummy Choice
Big Dogs
Crepes De Paris
D C Barbecue
Grandma Wei’s Homemade Dumplings
Just Brew It
Nonkie Be’s Cajun Faves
Original Donut Burger
Original Gourmet Ice Cream
Russian Eats
Shell-Bell’s Cookies
Smokehouse BBQ
Taco Love
Wisconsin Cheese Store
Yukon Concessions